Who's Got the Etrog? Activities

Want to know more about Sukkot, the Abayudaya, and Jewish diversity? Link here for a Parent and Educator Guide to Who's Got the Etrog? And Link here to make a Warthog sukkah decoration!

Duck Sock Hop Activities

You don't have to leave the dancing to the ducks! If Duck Sock Hop makes you want to get up and dance, you're in luck. Holding your own sock hop is as easy as putting on some fabulous socks and starting your favorite music. If you want to get a bit more elaborate, click here for a Duck Sock Hop Do-It-Yourself Kit, with 5 easy steps to holding your own Duck Sock Hop, socks to cut out and decorate, and ducks to color.

My talented teenage cousin Jeremy Stepansky composed the Duck Sock Hop Bop and recorded it with his twin sister Maya. You can sing the text of the book to it -- give it a try! This would be a great addition to storytime.

Stories can help us see the ordinary things in our lives in a new light. When was the last time you stopped to appreciate your socks? Or your coat? Your Duck Sock Hop can also be an opportunity to talk about people who don't have warm fuzzy socks to dance in, or even enough warm clothes to wear every day. Why not make a second sock box and ask the people who attend the Duck Sock Hop to bring a pair of new socks to donate to an organization of your choice? New socks are often badly needed at shelters. To find out more about the importance of donating socks, you can click on the link to Hannah's Socks, a non-profit organization that can help you organize a sock drive.

Estie the Mensch Activities

Dear Teachers,
The Mensch Challenge can be done independently by students at home, or you can incorporate it into your classroom. After using Estie the Mensch as an introduction to the concept of "being a mensch," ask students to come up with mensch goals of their own. Post them someplace in the classroom, like a bulletin board. When students meet their goals, they can check them off. When the entire class has met its goals, a celebration might be in order! As an alternative, you could come up with class goals rather than individual goals. Also, consider naming a Mensch of the Day, Week, or Month, to a deserving student, in order to highlight kindness, helpfulness, and good classroom behaviors.